Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Bali Trip // 21 (Part 1)

The new coming of age had me turning 21 last Wednesday, and to celebrate I took a trip to Bali and ate almost everything I could feast my eyes on.  It’s their Winter over there, where the locals are dressed in jumpers and sweats, whilst I’m just strolling in loose clothing with the 28 degree weather and 70% humidity trying to breath. Not to mention getting my tan on ;)

It was my first time in Bali, but we all know the beautiful beaches, tropical fruits and authentic Indonesian food, and in the week I was there, I was fortunate enough to experience all of these, WITHOUT succumbing to food poisoning, until I got back to Australia and threw up for 2 days. Yes I didn’t even get to eat to my capacity ON my 21st birthday. Sucks. Here's just some snaps of my villa.

It was about $95/night for a 2 bedroom villa with a private pool and all. If you want to check it out more, you can find more details here or please don't hesitate to contact me to ask about it :)

Moving along, here’s just a quick snapshot of everything I ate. Sorry it’s not super detailed and that I’m skimming over thing and be careful if you’re reading this at night cos you might get hungry.

Day 1

My family and I landed in Bali around 4PM, and by the time we got through customs and made it to our awesome villa in Seminyak, it was around 7PM. We lived next to Pizza Hut , so yes, Pizza Hut was the first thing I ate …. I don’t even know if I’ve ever eaten Pizza Hut in Sydney in the last few years. Is Pizza Hut even still open ?

Black Pepper Chicken Pizza | Brazil Pizza

They have a much better variety than Australia, selling risotto, deep fried cheese, soups etc , but their ordering system was too complicated for me because there’s too many pizza types to choose from, and I'm talking about more than 50 combinations of pizza .... Pizza itself was pretty average though.

Green Tea Latte | Blue Lemonade (About $2.50 each)

I had the Green Tea Latte and I was super happy with his concentrated it was.  Unfortunately it was ridiculously sweet so I was barely able to finish it. And yes my brother got a mouthful of blue with his Blue Lemonade

With so much love, the owner of the villa bought me a birthday cake and some chocolate drenched donuts mmmm.

Me being sort of blonde, thought the curls on top of the cake was shredded cheese, so I spent a good while scrapping it off. I ended up ‘accidentally’ eating one, to find it was white chocolate. Don't the yellow squiggly stuff look like cheese ?!

Whoever said getting older makes you more wiser and smarter lied.  

And yes, being hungry at night means turning to the corner side stalls to ask the little old lady to make you Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice). I got too hungry to photograph, so only ½ of this is shown.

Nasi Goreng - $2.00

Day 2

So Bali is 2 hours behind Sydney, and my body has this instinct to wake up around 7-8AM in Australian time, hence waking up at 5-6AM in Bali was horrific because I’d just be twiddling my thumbs not knowing what to do.

Still trying to explore our area, we find that most of the restaurants open at 10/10:30 for lunch. Thankfully people in Bali can speak English, or atleast basic English, enough for them to show us the menu and oogle my eyes over what I'm going to eat.

I don’t remember the name of this joint we ate at, except we called it “The Rainbow Place”, because literally the exterior was of multiple colours. If you really want to know where it is,  it's along Sunset Road, near Burger King, Pizza Hut & J.Co, so ask the taxi driver to drop you off there and it's <1 min walk.

There’s a range of foods to choose from, and the lady behind spoons it onto a plate for you, and depending on what you get the price varies from a mere $2 up to $4.20.  The food range does change daily, though there are staples such as curries and deep fried potato pancakes.  This dish may not look like the most attractive thing but here goes a $3.20 meal of Saffron Rice, Beef Rendeng, Curried Tofu & Egg and Asian Greens. I didn’t notice till my last time here that you can get UNLIMITED FREE prawn crackers with every meal.

Saffron Rice w/ Beef Rendeng, Curried Egg & Tofu, Asian Greens - $3.20

Fresh juices are extremely cheap in Bali, with absolutely NO SUGAR added unless you ask. Literally freshly squeezed, cold pressed or whatever juices in papaya, apple, orange, carrot, watermelon and some places have mango.

Here we have the Apple & Lime and Orange, Carrot & Pineapple for about $2 each.

Apple & Lime | Carrot, Pineapple & Orange - $2

Post lunch, we explored Legian Street which is the suburb next to Seminyak. There are definitely a lot more tourists, with markets and everyone is trying to hassle you into buying their clothes and them Bintang singlets. When I was in Singapore last year, I missed out on getting my feet gnawed off by these fish, however it was a MUST this time round ! It’s an experience I don’t know that Australia offers, but if it does, it’s not going to be $3.50/15 minutes.

Fish eating your dead skin - $3.50/15 mins

And no matter which country I go to, I ALWAYS get their Starbucks. From memory, Hong Kong has the cheapest Starbucks, at almost 50% off the Australian price.

Dark Mocha Frappe | Green Tea Frappe

Can’t resist a Dark Mocha & Green Tea Frappe in the sweltering heat can you?

One “must go to” restaurant a friend recommended was Biku, owned by an Australian women, who ended up marrying a Balinese prince.  So we kind of dined at the restaurant of a princess .. fancy ay.

Did I forgot to mention that you have to make a booking to get into here, or wait for hours on end if you're unlucky ? They serve international cuisines for a very decent price where nothing really surpasses the $15 mark. The d├ęcor here is stunning, with pretty lights and wooden boat chairs/tables and very very lovely service. I feel like I’m at semi fine dining for Bali, where I’m paying 80% off the Australian price. You can check out the menu here (about $1=10,000rp)

We start off the night with Mixed Satay Skewers of fish, chicken and beef. I actually preferred the fish as it was really moist and flaky and unlike the chicken and beef which is standard in Australia. Satay sauce was good, but didn’t have that kick.  Oh that yummy prawn cracker! There is something about Indonesian prawn crackers that trumps Chinese ones, possibly because they taste more prawn-y?

Mixed Satay Skewers - $4.50

Feeling like some home food, we order the Potato Skins and I have nothing bad to say – super tasty with bacon, guacamole and salsa.

Potato Skins - $3

I didn’t really like the Sweet Corn Cakes as it was like mushed up corn with flour panfried (essentially what it is), though this was devoured in no time by everyone else.

Sweet Corn Cakes - $3.50

We also ordered the Deluxe Beef Burger w/ onion jam, pickle & mushroom which was pretty much my favourite meal of the night. I didn’t get a good shot of it this time, but have no fear, I did return to eat this again, so watch out for the next post to get some food porn shots ;)

I was too busy easy to notice our Fish Curry had arrived, and people had started eating so I couldn’t take a photo either.

At this point I was already at 90% of my maximum capacity, but dessert is a must order.  Apparently the Pavlova here was "to die for” and let me tell you it was.  It wasn’t too sweet and the exterior was crunchy with the innards being chewy. Having a mountain of fresh cream and tropical fruit ontop makes it my mum’s favourite meal of the whole entire trip.

Pavlova - $3.50

My Banoffee Pie was also ridiculously good, I end up eating 70% of it and only giving a small portion for everyone else to try. The sugary crumbliness of the biscuit with banana and caramel was like an explosion of goodness.

Banoffee Pie - $3.50