Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Twisted Frozen Yoghurt, Bondi

Just because it's Winter now, doesn't mean we can't enjoy a cold treat ! Personally, I love eating cold desserts in Winter, even though I'm freezing and wearing so many layers of clothing. Recently I was invited to the launch of Twisted Frozen Yoghurt's new super food bowls and of course to sample as many flavours of their yoghurt as I could fit in my stomach!

Cass Spies, the owner of Twisted talks about how her yoghurt is 98% fat free, made with Australian products and authentic ingredients with her range changing weekly ! Now, you may ask why it's called "Twisted" and yes I had no idea why initially. The flavours can be combined together and twisted for a 2 in 1 hit, making happiness in a cup !

We started off the night with the Supercharged Smoothies range, where it's aimed to be a healthy alternative for a meal on the go.  The Muscleberry was a blend of blueberries, banana, froyo, protein and skim milk. This wasn't too sweet, and the berries shone over the banana which I prefer.

The Rise & Shine was my favourite, with a mix of pineapple, coconut, mango and protein with almond milk. I was initially worried because I'm not a big pineapple fan, but the flavours worked so well. And I LOVE coconut and mango anything combined together!

For those that can't take dairy (sort of me) the Green Machine is definitely the fix you need! It's just a mixture of coconut water, mango nectar, spinach, mango, banana & passionfruit. I know the sound of veggies and fruit doesn't sound amazing, but you could barely taste it ! I wish all the smoothies I made at home tasted like this !

L to R : Muscleberry | Green Machine | Rise & Shine

The Superfood Smoothie Bowls we tried next were all dairy & gluten free, using fine ingredients such as acai berry & pink pitaya (dragon fruit) contributing to the stunning colour . Add some toppings such as coconut, granola, fresh fruit & chia seeds if you like!

Pink Pitaya Bowl w/ coconut, strawberries & goji berries 

These were super refreshing and best of all no sugar added. Pretty much the sweetness of everything accounts from the natural taste of the fruits.

Acai Bowl w/ coconut & strawberries

Last but not least, we were allowed to taste all the flavours on offer. And no I did not eat ALL of these !

Chocolate & Coconut w/ Cookie Dough

Chocolate & Passionfruit w/ Popping Pearls

If you can't be bothered to travel to get a fix or it's just inconvenient, you can always get a take home tub, like me !

And also, Twisted Frozen Yoghurt sells these healthier goodies for you sweet tooths ! Made with raw ingredients, with no added sugar, you can turn to these treats instead of rummaging through your cupboard for chocolate.

Tess, owner of Wellness by Tess was kind enough to give us some samples, which yes I did munch on away whilst studying for exams !

It's always good to see a change with what frozen yoghurt has to offer! The super charged smoothies are a good energiser to your day, plus the added fruit and not to mention the smoothie bowls being a great dessert, without the guilt !

A Little Bit Of Tang dined as a guest at Twisted Frozen Yoghurt, although all my opinions  are 100% my own, honest and unbiased.  Please refer to my disclosure policy for more information. 

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